Lagg Distillery & Visitor Centre

Isle of Arran

Having identified a suitable site for the proposal, the brief from the client was to design a new distillery, visitor centre and bonded warehousing. The client asked that the proposals seek to become an iconic landmark on Arran – a building which people could associate with the island. The design was to be of a contemporary approach whilst maintaining the identity of a whisky distillery. The external treatment was to consider views to the copper stills and incorporate locally sourced and natural materials where possible. Isle of Arran Distillers highlighted that one of the key features of the proposed site is the stunningly atmospheric backdrop of the volcanic island, Ailsa Craig and the Kintyre Peninsula. It was important to the client that we harnessed this view from inside the building, looking outward and from outside the building looking through to catch glimpses of the views in the background. Another important aspect was to design a building which showcased the beauty of the copper stills within the distillery.

Our proposal sought to answer the brief initially by identifying that the full site is utilised as a space not only to champion the distillery, visitor centre and warehousing, but also to celebrate and connect with the surrounding rural environment and its unique geographic setting. Our final concept proposal whilst appearing to break out of the very ground of the site itself, was designed to celebrate the form of the famous silhouette of Glen Rosa, a feature of the Isle of Arran seen from the Ayrshire coastline. The project was completed in June 2019 and has attracted various award nominations. It continues to attract interest from visitors from around the world and is fast becoming one of the best known buildings on the Isle of Arran.