About Us

Denham/Benn Limited was established in 2007. Since then, our business has grown and with that, we have successfully provided solutions for a broad spectrum of clients in various sectors. We are vibrant, enthusiastic and highly capable designers and we love delivering increasingly challenging and exciting architectural projects across Scotland. The vision of the business is to bring together a close-knit group of capable professionals who have a desire to provide a top-quality service to our clients. The business strives to add tangible value to every project through intelligent design and competent detailing. We have invested in leading BIM technology which enables us to produce architectural drawings as well as accurately visualise our designs in 3D form. This software also allows us to collaborate efficiently with other consultants on BIM projects to envision how structure and services might integrate with the building fabric. We are motivated to setting the highest possible bench-mark and believe that successful delivery to each of our clients enables us to strive towards our next challenge‚Ķ

The Team

Brandyn Bain - Graduate ApprenticeJoanne Cowan - Part II Architectural AssistantSteven Denham - Managing DirectorChris Finlay - ArchitectCameron Irving - Architectural TechnologistAndrew McCallum - Architectural TechnologistLorraine McNally-Jones - Office ManagerLinda Rose - Office AdministratorChris Youd - Architect