Domestic Project Ayrshire

Dropped in for a visit to see one of our domestic projects really coming to life. The project is being built in Ayrshire with a local contractor.

We're delighted at how well this is progressing! The client is set to move in around springtime this year.

Planning Permission

Did you know that we still do awesome domestic design?
We continue to do so in order that we keep current with what the domestic market demands. And of course because we love working with lovely people to improve the way they live in their home.

We just got planning permission for this wee cracker for a private client in Ayrshire. They wanted us to design them something contemporary which let in a lot natural light and welcomed the garden into the home.

We designed them a 'dual block' extension split by a winter-garden style courtyard which we think allows the house to genuinely 'connect' with the garden.

We've chucked in a couple of our development sketches to show you how the idea developed. Enjoy!

Google Goggles

So we’ve just got our hands on these Google Cardboard Goggles to take our VR stuff to the next level! Build your own virtual reality! Cool thing is that we can now send give these to clients along with a link on their phone, and they can explore their proposals in a 3D environment!

If you’re interested to have a shot, let us know and we’d be delighted to take you for a spin!!